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Five branded products to give up before sex

There are five branded products that should never be eaten before sex because a stormy night can result in a big disappointment for your sexual life.

We listed that food that should not be consumed during the day even from reputable shop so that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Hot dogs – they contain a large amount of saturated fat, which contributes to the reduction of blood circulation, which can occur at the most crucial moment. This threatens apathy and all the ensuing consequences.

Energy drinks from licenced internet shop should also be excluded from the diet before the responsible occupation. These drinks and healthcare products give only a short-term effect, and after it weathers, they cause inactivity and irritability. And if you drink too much, you may start to sweat, and you can feel confusion and frequent heartbeat.

Cheese from online shop should also be excluded from the daily diet before sex, as it has the ability to make sperm more viscous. Some people may also experience a heaviness in the abdomen after consumption.

French fries is another product that is worth giving up. It contains harmful trans fats, which lead to lower testosterone levels and worsen blood circulation.

And the most obvious is the exclusion of alcohol, in particular wine. This drink reduces sensitivity to touch because it will be more difficult to achieve an erection or orgasm.