New Restaurant & Bar Menu October 2013
Vegetarian Soup of the Day - Ask your server
Homemade soup served with stone ground brown bread
Smokey Seafood Chowder
Classic appetiser of a cream and tomato based seafood broth with mixed seafood pieces and smoked cod, finished with lime juice. Served with crusty bread rolls
Prawn Pili-Pili
Tiger prawns pan friedn with rosemary, basil, pili pili chillies, garlic, olive oil. Finished with fresh lemon juice and with a garnish of fresh salad. Served with a ciabatta roll.
Salt & Chilli Baby Back Pork Ribs
Garlic marinated pork back ribs, slow cooked, & tossed in a pan of fresh chillies & sea salt. Served with a drizzle of lime juice, a dressed rocket lettuce ball, & a Cajun jus dip.
Classic Dublin Mussels (Mother Reilly’s Style)
Market “in-shell “ mussels, poached with a mild satay & coriander marinade. Finished with broken red peppercorns, & served with a crispy bread roll to mop up the juices.
Garlic Bread with Black Pepper & Rosemary
Baked Ciabatta, halved, toasted with a garlic & rosemary butter, sprinkled with black pepper. With dressed mixed leave lettuce.
Rustic Chicken Supreme
Garlic & herb marinated chicken breast, filled with a fresh sage & lemon stuffing, roasted at high heat, served with crispy baby potatoes, a selection of market vegetables, & a rich meat gravy.
Gourmet Beef Burger
8oz beef burger, made with finely diced onions & our own recipe seasoning, pan fried & served with a peppery mixed leaf salad in a light white flour bap. Served with chunky home fries or classic chips. Add toppings of mature cheddar, crispy streaky bacon or fried onions for €1.50 each.
Thai Style Coconut & Basil Curry (beef/chicken/vegetarian)
A light coconut based curry, inspired by Traditional Siamese recipes, with julienne of peppers & onions, basil leaves, & cooked with our in-house prepared Thai paste. Served with sticky basmati rice.
Slow Cooked Herb Marinated Pork belly
Tender belly of Irish pork, marinated for 24 hours in rosemary, garlic & thyme, slow cooked until tender, finished at high heat until crispy, served with a cheesy gratin potato square, & a drizzle of sweet fruit gravy.
9oz Pan seared sirloin steak
Succulent full bodied Irish sirloin, cooked as you like, with crispy fried onions, & chunky homemade rosemary chips. With a side of black pepper jus.
Mother Reilly’s Skillet Potatoes (vegetarian on request)
Variation of an old Gaelic favourite, this is made of sliced potatoes pan fried with garlic, chillies, bacon pieces, onions, rosemary & olive oil, topped with a fried egg. Served sizzling!
Vegetable Goulash (suitable for vegetarians)
Inspired by the Central European classic, this is a stew of diced market vegetables, red lentils, potatoes & a mild red paprika spice. Served with a side of fresh crusty bread rolls.
Grilled Salmon Steak with Lime & Toasted Almond Veloute
A succulent Irish salmon steak, simply flame grilled with butter, & served with lime shavings, a smooth mash potato infused with light fresh herbs & a side of toasted almond veloute (reduced seafood broth).
Classic Fish & Chips
Inspired by the Central European classic, this is a stew of diced market vegetables, red lentils, potatoes & a mild red paprika spice. Served with a side of fresh crusty bread rolls.

Corsican Beef Stew with Penne Pasta
Served with carrots, celery & blue cheese dip
SAUCES - Buffalo Medium or WOW, Smokey Barbecue, Cajun Spice or Honey Mustard

Spaghetti Aglio (suitable for vegetarians)
Regional classic, made with spaghetti pasta tossed in a pan with pureed garlic, sliced chilli peppers, olive oil & broken black peppercorns. Served with a tomato concasse topping.
Traditional Beef Lasagne
An old standard, of minced beef cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs, layered with lasagne pasta and topped with melted cheese. With fries or salad – your choice.

Chicken Caeser Salad (vegetarian on request)
Marinated chicken breast, pan fried, sliced & served on a bed of cos lettuce, bacon lardons, garlic croutons; all tossed in our Caeser dressing. Topped with parmesan shavings. Also available as a starter €6.95

Slow Cooked Chicken Wings (6 or 12)
Double jointed wings cooked in our garlic salt & spice coating

Sauces for dipping Buffalo hot, Smokey Barbecue, Garlic Mayo, Blue Cheese
Combination Platter (single or double)
Herb breaded mushrooms, prawns, crab claws, chicken strips, fish goujons, pepper rings, chicken wings and potato wedges. With dips of garlic mayo and sweet chilli

Chicken or Fish Gougons & Chips
Your choice of chicken or fish, in a seasoned fresh herb breadcrumb coating, served in a basket with fries & garlic mayo dip.

Mixed plate (vegetarian on request)
Warm crusty bread, topped with a selection of chargrilled red pepper, olive tapenade, parma ham, coriander hummus and tomato salsa
Choice of tuna, ham, cheese, salad, chicken or bacon on white or brown bread, toasted or not or in panini bread.  
Sandwich with 3 fillings
Panini with 3 fillings €6.95
Extra fillings each €1.50

All sandwiches with salad garnish and potato crisps


CHILDREN’S MENU (chips may be substituted for veg or mash)
Sausage & Chips       €5.95

Chicken Fingers & Chips


Fish n’ Chips


Kid’s Classic Burger & Chips

Selection of ice-cream with chocolate sauce €2.95
KIDS SIZE ME - a child size portion of any adult dish for half the listed price.  
Boiled new potatoes with parsley butter €3.25
Chunky Homemade Chips €4.0
French Fried Onion Rings €2.95
Steamed Mixed Vegetables €4.25
French Fries            €3.50
Mashed Potato €3.50
Basmati Rice   €3.50
Bread Basket €1.00

Almond Banoffi Pie
A crushed nut and biscuit base with caramelised milk, banana slices and whipped cream with broken almond
French Apple Pie
With strawberry and mint couli and whipped sweet cream
American Chocolate Pie
Served with a vanilla ice-cream ball and ground sugar
Banoffi Pie
Crunchy biscuit base smothered with toffee, banana & whipped cream
Deep Fried Ice-cream
with mixed berry coulie and dried coconut sprinkles
Selection of Ice-cream
With sauce of your choice
Tea (Irish breakfast / herbal) €2.30
Coffee €2.70
Cappuccino/latte €3.00
Espresso €3.00
Irish / Liqueur Coffee €6.25